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NEW!! "Voyage" Concert tour CD/DVD set


Thank you very much for your support. Now all special booklets included DVDs are sold out,

regular reservations will continue to be accepted. Since the number of DVD are limited,

please we recommend to order as soon as possible. 
"SISAY 20th Anniversary Concert Tour" VOYAGE "CD & DVD
9 CDs + 14 DVDs Price 3,850 yen (tax included)
● Reservations after May 25th will be charged with postage fees. 
● We accept worldwide/international reservations also to:
TEL 0467-50-0428 / E-mail:
or post us a message to our facebook page:
*Telephone reception hours Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
* For reservations by email, the reservation will be completed with a reply from Native Spirits.
* Please specify "SISAY 20th Anniversary CD & DVD" in the transfer form communication column.


Andean Enchantment

Contemporary rhythms mixed with their enchanting native instruments and sounds.

Now Sisay brings a new and unique style, creating a brand-new world music work. A CD that to must have!

portada essential.jpg

This brand new sound makes people feel nostalgic and at the same refreshes their spirit.

This charismatic and beautiful Ensemble produces music full of life, spirit, and energy. Welcome to the world of Sisay

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Vientos de Imbabura


Concert dedicated to sharing the feelings of the people of Imbabura (Northern part of Ecuador), cradle of great musicians who have represented Ecuador and its melodies.

Through Vientos de Imbabura we invite you to imagine its people, its nature, its music.

An unprecedented concert with the most representative rhythms of Ecuador played by the magic and touch of Sisay.

Enjoy it.

Tejiendo Nubes (Ecuador tour)


Tejiendo Nubes was Sisay's first International tour, and upon returning to her homeland Ecuador members wanted to share a remembrance of this tour through this visual work: Tejiendo Nubes (Ecuador).

We invite you to enjoy this concert with originals songs by Sisay, such as the classics Tejiendo Nubes, Sisarina, Under the moon, Yuri, etc., in which images of our indigenous idiosyncrasy are also impregnated.

We are sure that Tejiendo Nubes (Weaving Clouds) Ecuador will give you a moment of relaxation and energy. Enjoy it.

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High-quality, the best of our artists' best concerts and live footage on a digital platform. With just one click, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the stage while listening the fascinating tones of native music.

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